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Wonderful Writing Winners!

Featured Wonderful Writing Winners!

A huge well done to all the children who entered the 200-word writing competition about the mysterious items that were uncovered in the Reception playground! We have some very imaginative children who came up with all sorts of stories to explain how the artefacts came to be buried so deep in the earth. It was a difficult job deciding on the winning writers as all the children who entered had clearly put lots of effort into their work and it was lovely to see such adventurous vocabulary, neat handwriting and creative drawings!

All the children who entered were winners. A special prize was awarded to the following children for their entries.

Year 1 - Elle

Year 2 - Nicolas and Aryia

Year 3 - Emma, Sophie and Thomas G

Year 4 - Emanuel and Theresa

Year 5 - Theo and Agnes

Year 6 - Orlagh and Elizabeth

One thing is for sure though, we are no closer to finding out the truth behind the mysterious artefacts! The next question is… what do you think Mr Fernandes should do with them?

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