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Eco Hour at St Marie's!

Today, the children came back inside the school building after their break to find that all of the lights, interactive whiteboards and computers had been switched off by members of our Eco Committee. This was to raise awareness of Switch Off Fortnight. We were hoping for a cloudier day when we switched the lights off, because we wanted to experience what it would be like to try and learn in the dark as some children in the world have to. Although some classrooms ended up being darker than others, all the children in every class took time to think about the value of energy in our daily lives and discuss the effects of having no electricity. We're all ready (even the teachers!) for our 'No Interactive Whiteboard Day' on Monday!

African Drumming in Year 6

In our Creative Curriculum lesson yesterday, we had a go at African drumming. We learnt about different types of drums and we created a piece of music with different layers. The particular rythms that we practised were typical drumming rythms from Sierra Leone. It was very loud, energetic and fun!

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Year 6 Investigate Blood Components!

This afternoon, we investigated the 4 components in our blood. We then had a go at making a ‘blood smoothie’ using raspberries to represent red blood cells, small white marshmallows to represent white blood cells, pineapple juice to represent plasma and sprinkles to represent platelets. Before the smoothie was blended, we could see all of the individual components, which is what we would see if we looked at a drop of blood under a microscope. When we blended the ‘smoothie’, we couldn’t see any of the components anymore and it looked more the blood we see with our naked eye. 

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Summer Fair Woodland Workshops

We held Forest School workshops in the woods at the summer fair on Saturday for the first time. Our wood was a hive of activity as children crafted and cooked while the dappled sunlight shone through our woodland canopy. Children had great fun whittling and decorating magical woodland wands and cooking damper bread over an open fire. Have a look at the photographs below.

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