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School News (179)

School News

Eyam Ghost Hunt

The children took part in a ghost hunt around the Youth Hostel tonight. Check out the photos below in the gallery.

Day 2 at Eyam with Year 5

Our day started with a fantastically filling breakfast! We were delighted to have such a great feast to fill us up before our busy day. We left the YHA at 9.15am and headed down the hill to look at the land use around Eyam village and listen to an informative talk in St Lawrence’s Church. After that, we looked at the Bull ring and Catherine Mompesson’s grave amongst other interesting places in the village. Mr Fernandes took us to Cucklet Delph and we learnt more about how the villagers of Eyam worshipped in the open air during the time of the plague.

We met for lunch in the park and enjoyed playing together. After that, we visited Eyam museum and went on to make a memories mug in the village hall. Our adventures ended at Swallet waterfall where Louis, unfortunately, left his boots (stuck in the mud)!

By Leeron and Joshua

Year 5 at Eyam Day 1

Our wonderful residential in Eyam has begun! Today we started by a jolly walk to Magpie mine. Magpie mine was very enjoyable because we got to listen to stories, although the walks were VERY TIRING!!! We had a lot of fun there looking down old mines and we're sure the next group will enjoy it. Currently, we are at the youth hostel and the rooms are in fact very nice to sleep in! The food there is absolutely yummy: spaghetii bolognaise,sausage beans and chips, jacket potato or chilli con con! Just before dinner, we had LOADS of fun at the park nearby!We had certainly worked an appetite up! We're playing games and we'll be going to bed soon to start a new, amazing day in Eyam!

By Hazel and Natalie

European Day of Languages

St Marie's children celebrated European Day of Languages by singing “Hello to all the children of the world” in Monday’s special assembly. More language activities planned for Wednesday. Check out the video below. Do you recognise all the different languagesin the song?

Celebrating Success

Thank you to all of you who came to the information meetings in school on Thursday. We hope you found them informative and helpful.

Mr Fernandes spoke to parents, celebrating the successes of the previous year and explaining how teachers, teaching assistants, governors and parents are striving to make the school and our children even more successful. A copy of Mr Fernandes’ presentation can be found below. 

MUGA Training for Staff

The staff carried out some sports training today on our Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) delivered by Miss Healy our PE Co-ordinator. They also had a go at some Paralympic sports to try out with the children in school. Check out the photos below in the gallery.  

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