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School News (184)

School News

Golden news hot off the press!

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Gold Sportsmark for the second year running. Did you know that 183% of our children in KS2 take part in extra curricular sporting activities? Yes that's because so many of our children take part! Thanks to all the children, staff and parents who make our school such a wonderfully sporting place!! #getinspired 


Today, Y5 had a special visit and talk from Mr Ahmed. The talk was all about Ramadan and Mr Ahmed shared his personal experiences and knowledge about this important time of year.

The children were made aware of how important fasting is during Ramadan. The talk was really informative and the children enjoyed being made aware of other religious cultures.

Build It 2016

A selection of year 6 children attended the Build It 2016 challenge yesterday. The children were tasked with constructing a building, mode of transport and amusement ride.

After several hours the children had completed the challenge and were able to add the models to a large map. Other schools from across the city did the same, which resulted in a minature model city. 

The children throughly enjoyed the whole event.

First Holy Communion Mass

Fr. Chris celebrated Mass with us on Tuesday together with all the children who had recently received their First Holy Communion this Summer. The children dressed in their special clothes and the whole school prayed as a community with them, to celebrate the great gift of the Eucharist.

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