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School News (128)

School News

School Summer Fair – Saturday 1st July 2017

This year we have:
International Food, Barbeque, Funzone, Penalty Shoot Out, Raffle, Irish Dancing, Live Music, Martial Arts display, Book Stall, 2nd hand Toy Stall, Cake Stall, Bouncy Castles and much much more .......

New for this year is:
The Great Summer fair bake off
This year we are introducing the great summer fair bake off. Anyone can enter. Cakes, buns bake trays etc.... will be welcome. After the cakes have been judged and prizes awarded, the cakes will be sold during the fair. Pick up an entrance form from school reception. Happy baking and good luck!

The woodland Workshop
This year we are introducing woodland activities. Children are welcome to come down to the woods from 12:30pm to cook on an open fire or make a magic woodland wand in our beautiful wild wood.
Workshop 1: Cook damper bread on an open fire
Workshop 2: Make a magical woodland wand
Note: Please choose one workshop only!
Note: There will be a charge for each session to cover costs and to raise funds for more Outdoor Learning resources.
Cooking damper bread: £1.00 Wand-making: 50p

Please note the following:
Own clothes day- 29th June 2017
We have an own clothes day on the 29th June 2017 where we are asking for donations of sealed bottles (alcohol/pop/toiletries) from KS2 and bags or packets of sweets from KS1.

TOY Appeal
We are appealing for good quality 2nd hand toys for our Toy Stall at the Summer Fair. Please drop off your unwanted jigsaws, cuddly toys, children's books, complete games and other suitable toys. No baby toys this year please. We will be collecting donations on Friday 30th June after school and on the morning of the fair by 11am.

Craft Stall Appeal
We are in need of the small variety cereal boxes for the craft stall. Please can you bring them into the reception or hand them to a member of the HSA

Last but not least
Appeal for Volunteers
Thank you to those of you who have already volunteered, however we still have gaps that need to be filled for it to be a successful day. If you are able to help us with either setting up on Friday evening or Saturday morning or with running a stall at the Fair, could you please contact Siobhan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07855 769 169.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Once again we are encouraging all parents to fill in a questionnaire as part of our evaluation of what the school offers. We hope that as many of you as possible will get the chance to complete the questionnaire on line.

Like last year, it is in two parts.

Part 1 is about the whole school and only needs to be filled in once by each family


Part 2 is the child-specific questions, which is set up separately for each year group in the school and needs to filled per child in school


Year 1:

Year 2 (KH):

Year 2 (CLLS):

Year 3:

Year 4 (KS):

Year 4 (SB):

Year 5 (BT):

Year 5 (KW):

Year 6:

Snapchat Map Update

Please be aware that the app Snapchat has a new feature called 'Snap Map' which allows friends to view each other's location on a map, in a similar way to Google maps. This can allow people to pinpoint the exact location of your child. Please ensure that your child's location data is not shared by making sure that they do not give permission for location information to be shared with any app in 'settings' on their phone and in the app they can also hide their location by switching to 'ghost mode.'

For more information about how this new update works you can click on the following link:

Magnificent Mayfield!

St Marie's sports day was once again a huge success with Mayfield crowned 2017 KS1 champions.

Well done to everybody who competed and contributed to their team's points.

A big thanks also to the all the parents and the All Saint's volunteers who helped on the day.

KS1 Sports Day

All Saints Catholic High School was once again the venue for our Key Stage One annual 'School Games' Sports Day on Wednesday 21st June. The event at The Goals sports centre was a great success, with all the children taking part, showing great teamwork and sporting ability! Check out the photos.

Writing Challenge Winners

For this writing challenge the children in KS1 were asked to write about their exciting outdoor learning day. Well done to all the children who entered the competition. It was lovely to receive so many entries from our younger children. Congratulations to our winners Amalie (Y1) and Jack (Reception).
KS2 children were asked to write a report about a sporting event. Many children chose to write about our school sports day at EIS. Congratulations to Layla (Y4) and Grace (Y3) who were the winners for this competition. Well done also to our Year 3 class who submitted 16 entries. It will be this class who will choose the final writing challenge for this term.

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