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School News

Little Way Week

This week we have reflected on Little Way Week. At lunchtime on Friday the KS2 children were invited to come and write down little ways in which they could make a big difference. This is what a little French girl did many years ago. She tried to be a good girl - she was kind to her sisters and worked hard at school, but sometimes she found that being good could be difficult. Thérèse made up her mind to try to do a good deed every day. She realised that just because she was little, it didn’t mean that her little actions couldn’t make a big difference. This was called her ‘little way’ and this little girl grew up to be Saint Thérèse’. Little Way Week is when we try to follow her example.


#Fast #Pray #Give

CAFOD’s Harvest fast day was again a success at St Marie’s. As part of their brighten up the harvest, everyone was encouraged to wear one item of bright clothing, along with their school uniform. This varied from rainbow wigs to colourful shoes and strange shirts (Did you see what Mr F was wearing!). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Over 100 meals of soup were served – a magnificent total- giving us over £370 to donate to CAFOD. We also have many (56!) tins of soup/items of food to send to the Grace Food Bank. Thank you very much for your generosity! Thank you also to those who prepared, cooked and served the soup, especially the children who came in extra early this morning to help prepare the vegetables and make the soup! It was delicious! Today we really learned how other people live with less food and raised money for CAFOD. Thank you to everyone who helped to brighten up the harvest today!

Harvest Fast Day: Brighten Up the Harvest

Don't forget that we will be celebrating the Harvest in School on Friday 5th October 2018 - Fast, Pray and Give.

Children can either choose a simple homemade soup, bread and fruit lunch for £2.50 to support CAFOD's 'Brighten up the Harvest' campaign or bring a tin of soup to donate to the Grace Food Bank. 

Please note the following:

  • If your child would like to order a simple soup lunch (vegetable soup and a bread roll), then please do this via . The money, £2.50, will be donated to CAFOD. If they are ordering soup, you will need to also visit Live Kitchen's website to cancel their school lunch, otherwise you will be charged for both!
  • Parents and other family members are warmly invited to join the children eating their lunch. You can order an adult soup lunch meal for £2.50 via Lunchtime at school is between 12pm and 1pm.
  • School meals will be served as usual for any children who want their normal school meal. Please order via Live Kitchen as you usually do, if this is the case
  • If you would like to make a donation to CAFOD, you can also do this via (see 'events', CAFOD donation)

In exchange, we would like the children to 'Brighten up the Harvest' on the Friday 5th October by wearing one item of bright clothing for the day e.g. a colourful skirt, a jazzy bow-tie, patterned waistcoat or a sparkly pair of shoes alongside their uniform.

Children from Y6 are invited to help staff and the HSA to prepare the soup and bread on the morning of Friday 5th October. Please bring them to school at 7.45am. And please bring your own potato peeler!

Address to Parents

Please find below a copy of Mr Fernandes' address to parents on Thursday 20th September.

Cross Country Results

Well done to the runners at the first Cross Country race of the season on Saturday at Bole Hills . Conditions were pretty near perfect and we had some really good results.
Here they are:
Y4 girls- Eghogo came 95th and Abigail came 24th in their first race! Well done girls.
Y4 boys- No runners
Y5/6 girls - We had a full team. Ofrure 100th Layla 97th Jessie 68th and Grace an amazing 2nd! The step up in distance seemed to be no obstacle. There were nearly 200 runners in that race. Stunning effort girls
Y5/6 boys Joe was our sole Y5/6 boy runner coming in at 111th

The next race is on Sept 29th at Parkwood Springs. It would be great if we could have full teams in all the races.
Don’t forget training on Tuesdays after school.

St Marie's Judo

Two Judo experts from Destination@BritishJudo came in to our school last week to give each one of our classes a taster session in Judo. The children really enjoyed their sessions and came away with new skills and confidence!

See how much fun everyone had in the gallery photos below.

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