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St Marie’s Brightens Up the Harvest


Thank you to everyone who helped to brighten up the harvest on Friday! Over 100 meals of Soup were served – a magnificent total- giving us over £250 to donate to CAFOD. We also have many tins of soup to send to the Grace Food Bank. Thank you very much for your generosity, everyone! Thank you also to those who prepared, cooked and served the soup! Please see our website for photos of the day.

European Languages Week 2016 at St Marie’s

Well done to everyone for taking part so enthusiastically during the European Languages assembly which marked the start of our Languages Week. Many of the children who speak a different language at home very bravely stood up and said ‘Hello’ to all the other children in their own language. Some children stood at the front and made the sign of the cross in French and German. The children and staff watching them were very impressed!

Our KS2 children then performed the song ‘Hello to all the children of the world’ and learned all the actions too!

On Wednesday 28 September we celebrated European Languages Day. Both the Y2 classes had an introduction to learning French with Madame Livingston. They even managed to perform short role plays with Madame Cotte, who kindly came into school to help in the French classes. Great fun was had by all and they all learned a lot of French in just one lesson.

Some children who speak a different language at home made a special effort to prepare presentations to show to their classmates in school. Other children recorded short videos of themselves saying tongue-twisters in a foreign language. These will be going onto the school website shortly. The children involved really deserve a lot of praise as many of them did not have much time to practise and they were speaking in a language which was not their mother tongue.

Children in all the French classes enjoyed doing a Roald Dahl quiz where they had to match up the translated French titles of his books to the English originals. This was quite tricky and there were a few disagreements which made it more fun! What is the French for ‘The Twits’?!!

Many parents and staff helped by translating the menu of the day into 5 different languages. We had a quiz where all the KS2 staff wore a badge saying ‘Hello’ in their language as well as a flag. All the children in KS2 had to guess which country they came from. Congratulations to Year 4KS who won the competition this year!

We look forward to meeting more parents in different classes who would be prepared to talk to the children about their country and perhaps teach them a few words of their language.

Thank you once again to everyone who threw themselves into making this day such a success once again.

And finally, a very big thank you Madame Livingston for all her hard work in organising the special activities last week!

CAFOD Assembly

Yesterday, a lady from Cafod (Jenny) came in to tell us about her work with Cafod’s partners in Bolivia and also some other countries in South America .She told us how much the harvest is important. In Bolivia they live on the tops of mountains so the sun dries up all of the soil. Cafod is helping people to have wormeries witch changes the soil from hard and sandy to moist and soft, so that plants and crops can be grown.

She also told us that if the temperature is too high or too low crops won’t be able to sprout. Cafod has also provided a green house, but this is only there for a year. Please have some soup on Friday to help and support these families that live in these poor conditions.

By Emma and Alexandra

A Twist in Time

On Monday morning the children in KS2 were treated to a live performance of 'A Twist in Time' by M&M Productions. This was an adaptation of 'Tom's Midnight Garden'. It was a very entertaining production delivered by a talented team of actors. The performance was enjoyed by both the children and the staff.


Eyam Day 3 - The Walk

The sun was shining for us on our final day at Eyam as we set off on the Friday walk. The views were amazing as we trekked up and down hills from Eyam to Stoney Middleton and back to Eyam. It was lovely to see children pointing out landmarks and passing on their knowledge to the many parents who were able to join us for the day. Well done Year 5 for a fantastic residential!

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