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Miss Healy

Year 1 (28)

Around the world in just one day

On Friday 23rd April, Y1 went on a trip around the World. We were given our passport and boarding card before getting on the aeroplane and throughout the day we visited the 7 continents. In each continent we found it on the large World map and used the colours to help us think about what it is like in that continent. We learned facts for each continent and then completed an activity that was based upon something from there. Throughout the day we made a sand art picture (Africa), Learned the National Anthem for England (Europe), made origami fish (Asia), made some aboriginal art (Australasia), learned a song from Suriname and played the drums along with the song (South America), learned more about Mexico with Barnaby Bear (North America) and put ice cubes in our hands to melt followed by an ice lolly (Antarctica). We had a wonderful day to start our new geography topic. "Where in the world would you like to live?" We think we might need to find out a bit more before we decide. 


The Easter story

This week we have been learning more about Holy Week. We have put together a book to tell you more about what happened. 


A remote Last Supper

Today as part of our RE learning in our 'Meals' topic, we found out more about what happened at the Last Supper. We decided that we would see how it felt to be one of the disciples with Jesus. All of the children in school and at home joined in having a drink and a piece of pitta bread or biscuit. It was lovely to be altogether as a class sharing a meal. 

What happened after the Great fire of London?

This afternoon Year 1 have been thinking about what happened after the Great fire of London. We thought about how there were so many people who were left homeless and had to live in tents. We went outside for our lesson to think about how it might have felt. We also discovered that London was rebuilt - but there were no houses built of wood anymore. Did you know there is a monument in London to remember the great fire? We decided to desgin our own monuments to remember the Great fire. Children at home also were creating their own monuments too and how they would rebuild London. Have a look in the gallery for our work.

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