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Year 6 (49)

Y6 Marathon Challenge!

All the Y6 children were amazing today taking part in their 'Active Challenge' of running a marathon.

Children in groups of 2, 3 or 4 and even some brave, hopeful individuals, took on the ‘Marathon in a Day’ challenge. That’s a total of 210 laps. Not altogether though - that was each group! And some children didn’t stop there. After finishing their marathon, they continued running in order to ‘donate’ laps to other teams who weren’t quite as quick. Fantastic teamwork Y6, and what an achievement!

 Check out all the photographs below. #proud #resilience #reciprocity #superstars

Y6 at Crucial Crew

Yesterday, all the Y6 pupils went on a school trip to North Yorkshire to Crucial Crew to learn about being safe. We all did lots of different scenarios and all got an acting role at some point on the trip.
One of the scenarios was at court were a boy, who was 15, stole something from a local shop and we role played the court trial. We had look at what a real juvenile cell looks like! It wasn't nice!
And we learned about road safety and how we should always concentrate when crossing any road, especially busy ones. Next we learned about fires; what to do, how long it takes to spread and how to do a door check to see if it is safe to go out.
We also learnt about knife crime and how serious it is and how long you would go to prison for.
Lots of the y6 found this fun and others found it scary and nerve racking. Lots of life lesson to keep us safe in the future.

Ana (Y6)

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