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Outdoor Learning (29)

Summer Fair Woodland Workshops

We held Forest School workshops in the woods at the summer fair on Saturday for the first time. Our wood was a hive of activity as children crafted and cooked while the dappled sunlight shone through our woodland canopy. Children had great fun whittling and decorating magical woodland wands and cooking damper bread over an open fire. Have a look at the photographs below.

Magic in the woods!

This Wednesday, we went down into the woods to be greeted by Hazel the witch!

Unfortunately, Hazel told us that Nelly the dragon had visited St Marie's woods but because she was SO big, she had squashed all the hobgoblins houses! 
So, we built the hobgoblins new homes using sticks, rocks and leaves that we found it the woods. We also made magic wands and practised our magic shrinking spells, to make sure Nelly can fit in the woods the next time she visits.

We had a lovely time in the woods and can't wait for our outdoor learning session next Wednesday!


See the photo gallery below for some pictures of our afternoon.

Anglo- Saxons in St Marie’s woods (Part 2)

Last week, Y4KS went down into the woods to continue their work on the Anglo- Saxons.

We talked about the different Anglo- Saxon warriors and kings and what they may have been like. The children then had to use clay and resources from around the woods to create their own Anglo- Saxon warrior or king.

We also translated a warning message from Anglo- Saxon runes and acted out different scenes from the story, ‘King Alfred and the cakes’.

We have had a lovely couple of days in the woods and look forward to having more sessions there across the Summer Term.


See the photo gallery below for more pictures of our afternoon.

Anglo- Saxons in St Marie’s woods!

Last week, Y4KS went down into the woods to make some Anglo- Saxon jewellery.

The children used a saw to cut up medallions using wood cuttings for a necklace. They also added elder wood as beads!

We had a great time learning these new skills and decorating our new necklaces.


See the photo gallery below for more pictures of our afternoon.

Superheroes in the Woods!

Our second woodland family session this afternoon was great fun, as the children made superhero capes and built a trap to catch a baddie! They did some leaf bashing to 'customise' their capes and worked well as a team making traps around the woodland. Thanks to all the families who attended!

First Family Woodland Session is a Success!

This afternoon, we had our first family woodland after school club session! The children and parents who attended were met by ‘Hazel the Good Witch’, who told them the story of a huge dragon who had flown down into the woods and destroyed the homes of resident hobgoblins. The children had a go at whittling magic wands to cast a spell to shrink the dragon, and they re-built the hobgoblin homes using natural materials. We had a wonderful time together in our woods!

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