Science Week at St Maries

British Science Week is an annual celebration of all things science. This week at school, we welcomed Science Week to St Marie's with the theme ‘Growth’. We had lots of activities, a variety of tasks and growing challenges for our children! 

This week, Reception have spent a lot of time exploring outdoors to look for signs of spring. We found buds, creatures and lots of new leaves. Everyone planted a sunflower seed which will go home with the children next week. They had lots of fun outdoors!

This week, Year 1 have been learning more about plants. We have planted our own sunflowers, cress and peas. The children came up with their own questions whilst planting such as "Do all plants need soil?" "Do all plants need the sun?", "What happens if you put a plant in the fridge?" and "What happens if a plant doesn't get any water?" We are now investigating these questions by planting some seeds with no soil, in the cupboard, in the fridge and not watering one of them too.

We have also dissected some flowers and labelled them. We are busy waiting for our potatoes to finish 'chitting' before we plant them in the garden.

Year 2 enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the garden planting their sunflower seeds. We thought about what the sunflowers would need, to grow big and strong. We can’t wait to see how tall they grow! Next week we will be back in the garden and planting potatoes and cress.

Year 3 have been busy bees this week! Thursday started with learning partners creating a mind map of everything they already know about bees and then used iPads to carry out further research and add to their mind map. Using all of the information they had gathered, they made high-quality fact files that are now displayed in the Y3 classroom. But their learning didn't stop there! During the afternoon, the children enjoyed learning outside and built bee-hotels. Everyone had a wonderful day and worked really hard as a team. Well done Y3!

In Year 4, the children went on a mini-beast hunt around school. They searched the playground, the woods and the school garden for different mini-beasts. After we had recorded the different insects that we found, the children created flowcharts to help them describe the appearance of each mini-beast.

The Year 5's have enjoyed planting strawberries - all as part of 'Science Week'. In the garden they have carefully weeded out the soil and prepared it for the strawberries. They've also worked as a team to chop down all the overgrown brambles and prize out all the pesky roots. Have a look a our newly tidied and planted garden!

Year 6 have been busy in the school garden all week. Lots of preparation and tidying work has been carried out such as chopping down ivy, clearing the brambles and turning over the soil in the raised beds- all in preparation for spring planting. Today children have sown a vast selection of flower and vegetable seeds. They are safely sitting in the potting sheds until the last of the frosts have gone. Everyone has enjoyed working together in the beautiful sunshine. 

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