Wattle and daub houses from 1666 and more about the Great Fire of London

Today we had Jenny in school from Alfresco Learning who came to deliver an outdoor learning workshop about the Great Fire of London. 
Year 1's workshop was based on the Great Fire of London. During the morning the children learned more about how the houses were made in 1666. The children had a go at making their own wattle walls. They used sticks as posts and then weaved bendy sticks in between. The children talked about their being gaps between the sticks which would let rain in the house. The children then made their own daub using soil, hay and water. We found out that in 1666 they would have used animal dung but luckily we only used mud. We then pasted the daub onto the wattle walls. After this we thought about what materials would be good to make a house from. The children (in groups) could choose from clay, stones, tin foil or straw. We then made small houses for Thomas Farriner to go in. We had a model Thomas Farriner (a pebble) who was placed in the house. We then sprayed our houses with water to see if he would stay dry. 
Year 1 had a wonderful time learning more about 1666 and deepening their knowledge of the Great Fire of London. 

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