Year 1 go around the World in just one day!

Year 1 go around the World in just one day! On Thursday Year 1 travelled to see all 7 continents. We had to get on our aeroplane, after watching our safety video, and then when we landed we went to find where we were on the large world map. After looking at the map and thinking about what we could tell about the country using the colours of the map, we then completed an activity. 
In Africa we completed some sand art as we found out the largest non polar desert is in this continent. In Europe, we sung the English National Anthem. In Asia we made some fish origami.
In North America we looked at the statue of Liberty. We then had to build the tallest tower we could from building materials we were given. In South America we learned a song called 'Wan Boto' from Suriname. We learned how to drum along to the song. In Australasia we made some aboriginal art pictures. Finally when we reached Antarctica, we held a cube of ice and imagined how cold the entire continent might be. We then finished off our time in Antarctica with an ice lolly. 
Well done to all the Y1 explorers you were superb all day on your big adventure. Thanks to all the Cabin Crew too who made the day a success. 

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