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Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is not just about the amount of time we spend outdoors; it is also about building a relationship with nature by noticing and becoming sensitive to what is around us.

We use our senses to do this– such as noticing the different cloud shapes in the sky, smelling the scents of flowers and listening to the birds chirping in the trees.
Encouraging your child or young person to build in opportunities to connect with nature in everyday life can improve both the health of their bodies and their minds.

Please download the parents/carers guide below.


#ConnectWithNatureand #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 

Catholic Multi Academy Trusts (CMATs)

Dear Parents

We are writing to let you know that we are working together in our families of schools in the Diocese of Hallam to form two new Catholic Multi Academy Trusts (CMATs) where all 47 diocesan schools will be equal partners in one of the new CMATs.

Together we have a shared vision for the future of Catholic Education in the Diocese which Bishop Ralph set out in a letter to all diocesan schools earlier in the year. In his letter the Bishop described the crucial role schools have in announcing the Gospel to the world and the importance of ensuring that Catholic education is secured, protected and developed further for the benefit of future generations of children.

The aim is to have the CMATs open early in Spring 2022 with schools joining in phases throughout 2022. I attach the lists of schools in each CMAT. The CMATs are not yet named. However we will very shortly be involving our staff, children and governors in selecting a name and we will let you know as soon as this has been decided.

The detailed planning about how the CMATs will be structured and organised and the timing for each phase is evolving based on best practice and tailored to meet the needs of Hallam schools. However, we do know that the Diocese is committed to ensuring that every school will retain its individuality, its ethos and character so that for our children and staff there will be no interruption to learning and no changes to the uniform or school day when we join the CMAT.

Information available so far, including the Bishop’s letter to Schools, is posted on the Diocese of Hallam website under the Schools section and can be accessed with this link:

Please visit the webpage regularly for updates and FAQs about this exciting development. When we have more detail we will invite you to respond to the proposals as part of our wider engagement. Any questions not already addressed in the FAQs can be raised at that point.

Yours sincerely  

J Fernandes                                                                       K Smith

Headteacher                                                                      Chair of Governors

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